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We have the marketing technology and deliver high-quality Internet marketing campaigns for local and multi-local businesses in the franchise, restaurant, legal, healthcare, and professional services markets.

We are an independent creative and digital marketing agency in Australia and Indonesia. We help brands attract, convert, and retain customers. Having worked within global corporations and working for ASX Companies and start-up brands for over 23 years we have been on the other side of agency work and understand how to build a team and digital marketing programs that scale with your business as well as delivering digital campaigns that work long after the launch.

We Build & Promote Great Websites - Website Development, Social Media and Google Marketing Solutions - Its what we do.

We are a team of geeks, creative and experienced minds who can understand your business needs as well as your future customer’s needs, interests and curiosities. We focus on bringing the two together across the myriad of digital channels and touchpoints in a way that builds a conversation and lifetime of engagement via the Website, Social, Local or Global.

We are a boutique digital marketing and consultancy agency based in Australia and Indonesia and we work with local and global brands Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and world-wide to deliver long-term business outcomes; aligning digital strategies with business goals. Our specialties are Social Media Campaigns, Digital Marketing Campaigns, Content Marketing Programs, PR and Communication, Digital Marketing Operations and Strategy.

My Name is Michael Doyle and I am the Managing Director and Founder of www.top4.com.au and www.top4marketing.com.au

Feel free to get in touch with me or my team anytime or connect with me on linkedin.

One of Australia's and Indonesia's marketing experts "20 Years Experience Counts"

With new marketing strategies popping up all over the place and existing ones changing constantly, it's more important than ever to ensure you're fully up to date with all the latest marketing platforms & strategies.

And with any new marketing trend comes the need to understand how it works, what it offers & how to develop a strategy to implement it all, so you can see your business benefit with new customers and a rush new sales.

That's where having a complete digital strategy and a local marketing agency is the best way to get a head start on your competition & hit the ground running to ensure the biggest ROI from your efforts.

And as always we've got you covered!

NOW is the time to get started with the next big thing in marketing using our comprehensive strategy designed to increase engagement with your customers, decrease your advertising costs and speed up your sales process to see your revenue soar!

Which is why Top4 should be your next choice for all your marketing needs. We are an award winning team in Australia and Indonesia who can work with you one-on-one and strategies what you need to do to start acquiring more potential customers.

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We don’t sell solutions.
We produce business outcomes.

The traditional view of digital success is delivering functional solutions ‘on time’ and ‘on budget’. Set and forget; resulting in expensive, rudderless ships that look like a speedboat, but perform like a dinghy. Agencies adapted to being remunerated on delivery, rather than fiscal outcomes, and subsequently excelled at up-selling go-faster-stripes for your new speed-dinghy. This model is broken, lacking an accountability loop. Thus, we conceived anti-agency, working in emersed relationships, with deep consumer empathy and being technology agnostic. One team, a partnership, motivated by common goals & shared success.

Answer YES

  • Have you paid thousands for an expensive machine and have NO IDEA
    to get new booked appointments and clients to show up and buy?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed because you're wearing multiple
    hats doing marketing & sales yourself?
  • Are you currently running lead generation campaigns
    and feel like you're only getting "GARBAGE" leads?
  • Have you been burned by another "cookie-cutter"
    marketing agency in the past?
  • Do you feel like your current team needs
    help selling your current service?
  • Do you want direct live access to experts who can help you with your
    funnels, strategy offer, marketing, sales, and ANY question you have?

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